Premier Health Announces Membership Match Program for Gem City Market

Premier Pulse     March 2019

Premier Health recently announced the creation of a Membership Match program for surrounding neighbors of the Gem City Market, as well as Premier Health employees. This contribution will provide $50 vouchers (half of the cost of a membership) for 800 families – a total gift of $40,000. 

This latest gift is in addition to a five-year, $400,000 commitment that the health system made to the Gem City Market in late 2017.

Eligible participants must live in select ZIP codes – 45402, 45405, 45406, 45416, 45417 and 45426 – and/or be a Premier Health employee. Applications can be found at

The Gem City Market is scheduled to open in 2020 on Salem Avenue just across the Great Miami River from Downtown. The grocery store’s opening comes at a crucial time for Dayton: A 2018 report from the Food Research and Action Center ranked Dayton in the bottom quartile (26th worst out of 120 cities) for “food hardship” among families with children, with one of five families reporting trouble obtaining enough healthful food. “Food hardship” means that, at some point during the year, the household had limited access to an adequate supply of food due to a lack of resources.

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