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Premier Pulse     October 2023

Premier Community Health (PCH), a division of Fidelity Health Care, offers education and outreach to community members and employers. Its programs are designed to promote healthy living through disease prevention, early detection, and self-management.

PCH works with municipalities, schools and businesses on workplace health initiatives that can improve employees’ well-being, health, and happiness. Much of PCH's work is funded by hospital community benefits, grants, and special support from Premier Health Foundations. 

The following are examples of how PCH is impacting the community:

Workplace Wellness - programs can help employers manage their health care costs. Supporting employers with bio-metric screenings and health risk assessments allows management to understand their unique population and customize workshops to maximize impact. 

Employee Care - full-service employee assistance program (EAP). This important counseling service helps employees manage stress and everyday life issues that may affect their work.  They offer on-site, off-site, and telephone appointments, as well as a 24-hour crisis line.

Community Health Events - these events have been especially busy this year, transitioning to the first paper-free flu vaccine process for Premier Health employees. PCH staff attend the many community health fairs throughout the year, always supporting our mission by educating, performing health screenings, and administering immunizations to the communities we serve. 

Mobile Clinic - a new ADA-compliant mobile unit with two exam rooms has allowed the program to significantly increase community outreach to high-risk populations as we strive to improve health equity by addressing social determinants of health. More than 1,000 screenings have been logged in the community so far this year.

Barbershop Health Initiative - Premier Community Health is partnering with eight Dayton area barbershops to provide health education and screenings, including our newer addition of PSA screenings.

Breast and Cervical Cancer Project - a grant from the Ohio Department of Health provides funding to support the mission of the Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Project to decrease the number of women who die from breast and cervical cancers. We believe we can achieve the most impact through health education, early detection, and early treatment.

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