PHG’s Focus Remains Clinical Transformation, Population Health

Premier Pulse     December 2017

P-W-COM41507-Clark_105By Jerry Clark, MD, president and chief medical officer, Premier Health Group

In light of recent announcements regarding Premier Health’s plan to exit the individual (exchange) health insurance product, I would like to clarify how that affects our physician-hospital organization (PHO), Premier Health Group(PHG).

  • The function of PHG remains essentially unchanged.
  • PHG continues to be the contracting agent for our PHG provider network of 6,000+ providers that will serve the Premier Health Plan.
  • PHG will continue to be Premier Health’s chief arm for clinical transformation and population health, using resources of our Evolent Health and Midwest Health Collaborative partners.
  • PHG will continue our payer partnership with Humana MA, and will continue to seek new value contracts for the PHG Payer Partner Network’s participation.
  • PHG providers currently caring for more than 30,000 people from the Premier Health Plan MA and Large Group products, our Humana MA payer partnership, and the Premier Employee Plan will continue to benefit from Evolent population health resources (nurse care advisors, pharmacists, social workers, engagement specialists, etc.) in managing high-risk individuals and will continue to benefit from financial incentives (the Quality Reward Program).

Our exit from operating a health insurance plan will allow Premier Health to double-down on what we do best – clinical transformation and the development of a high performance, clinically integrated network of providers.

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