New Tool Improves Heart Failure Management

Premier Pulse     April 2021

Miami Valley Hospital is one of the first hospitals in the region to offer the CardioMEMS™ HF System — the only remote monitoring platform clinically proven to aid physicians in preventing worsening heart failure, lowering mortality rates, and improving quality of life, even for HFpEF patients.

Featuring a home monitoring unit and a permanently implanted device, CardioMEMS provides daily pulmonary artery pressure monitoring, resulting in:

  • Early detection of fluid overload, up to 14 days before patients become symptomatic
  • Early detection of PA pressure changes through personalized ranges for each patient
  • Timely intervention of medical therapy and lifestyle recommendations
  • Earlier intervention of medical therapy and lifestyle recommendations, long before patients become symptomatic and congested
  • Better data for more targeted diuretics and fluid management
  • Improved care management in patients with diabetes and COPD
  • Up to 40 percent reduction in heart failure hospital readmissions
  • Optimized effectiveness of comorbidities medications

The implanted CardioMEMS device is designed for lifetime use and does not need a battery or replacement parts. It combines with a home monitoring unit to measure a patient’s pulmonary artery pressure in just a few minutes each day. A large number of our interventional cardiologists offer this minimally invasive, right heart catheter procedure, expediting prompt treatment of your referred patients. The CardioMEMS procedure is covered by Medicare and most commercial medical insurers.

The CardioMEMS HF System is not appropriate for all heart failure patients, specifically those with a history of recurrent pulmonary embolism or DVT and patients with other exclusionary health histories. Our Heart Failure Clinic APN reviews referred patients for eligibility criteria.

For more information, please contact McKenzie Mason, MSN, APRN-CNS, AGCNS-BC, RN-BC, Heart Failure Clinic, Miami Valley Hospital.

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