New All Provider Directory on Premier Health Website

Premier Pulse     March 2021

Clancy_336x336By Mikki Clancy, CISA, chief digital officer, Premier Health

As part of our 2023 strategic plan, Premier Health is working to make our health care services more accessible than ever to consumers. One aspect of this journey is helping consumers easily find providers on our website, using up-to-date and accurate data. While we are still working on our new Find a Provider tool, we are pleased to announce the successful rollout of our new all provider directory.

The provider directory contains basic listings for all credentialed providers with membership privileges at our hospitals. Data for these listings, which includes provider name, specialty, practice name, address, and phone number, is being pulled from our current CareFinders database.

If you have any questions or need updates to your listing, please contact Wendy Parks, director of marketing, Premier Health, at

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