Miami Valley Hospital Outpatient Behavioral Health Now Offering Vivitrol for Medication-Assisted Therapy

Premier Pulse     December 2018

Miami Valley Hospital’s Outpatient Behavioral Health Department is now offering Vivitrol as a medication-assisted treatment for patients struggling with opioid-use or alcohol-use disorders. Vivitrol is a non-addictive, once-monthly treatment that blocks opioid molecules from attaching to opioid receptors. It is used to help prevent relapse, and is used in conjunction with counseling to help clients overcome other internal or external pressures that might exacerbate substance use or mental health disorders.

Vivitrol is offered through Outpatient Behavioral Health’s Turning Point program, which helps patients with addiction-related issues, as well as through the Dual Diagnosis program, which helps patients who are struggling with addiction and mental health diagnoses. Outpatient Behavioral Health also provides group therapy, medication assistance with our psychiatrist, EMDR, DBT, after-care services, and individual counseling sessions in the context of their group experience.

Patients can be referred by calling (937) 208-6719. Outpatient Behavioral Services accepts most Medicaid, Medicare, and commercial insurance. We are not contracted with Buckeye Medicaid, Molina, United Healthcare Medicaid, Champus, Cigna, or Tricare.

For more information, please contact Outpatient Behavioral Health Manager Scott Coffman at (937) 208-6708 or by email.

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