Miami Valley Hospital Approves Section of Ambulatory Medicine

Premier Pulse     October 2018

Bricking_105 By Keith Bricking, MD, MBA, medical staff president, Miami Valley Hospital

The Miami Valley Hospital Medical Executive Committee has for a few years been working to improve communication within departments, but feels that hearing the voice of the ambulatory internist is still an opportunity for improvement. We also realize the need for improved communication during transitions of care to and from the hospital setting.

We have long valued physicians who primarily function in the ambulatory setting in both internal medicine and family medicine. Knowing that the chair of family medicine traditionally is an ambulatory physician with a strong voice on the Medical Executive Committee, we wanted to create a leadership opportunity for the ambulatory internist as well (outside of the medicine chair).

As a result, in September, the committee voted to create a section of ambulatory medicine within the Department of Medicine. There are currently sections of cardiology, critical care, neurology, and GI already in the Department of Medicine. Our hope is that these section heads will continue to work with the medicine chair on quality of care, improved medical staff communication, and physician wellness.

If you are interested in learning more about the section of ambulatory care or the responsibilities/expectations of the section chair, please contact Dr. Steve Chambers or me

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