Medical Executive Committee Update: Unifying Medical Staff

Premier Pulse     July 2020

Belcastro_350x350By Marc Belcastro, DO, system chief medical officer, Premier Health

This summer, the Medical Executive Committee (MEC) will move forward with a vote for our Premier Health system medical staffs to organize and unify as one medical staff. If the vote by each MEC is to proceed, we will communicate this in September through various forums. We will also continue to utilize the Premier Pulse newsletter for communication. A move to one medical staff would be a Bylaws change and therefore will require a vote of the entire medical staff at all sites. We hope to have the voting sent in October.

The benefits of one medical staff are listed below. The first bullet point is underlined and in bold due to its importance and value for our medical staffs.

  • Brings together one unified voice to the board (this currently does not exist)
  • SPEED of process resolution with greater communication
  • EFFICIENCY – The approval process for vital changes is reduced
  • SHARING – One credentials committee
  • STANDARDIZATION - Where needed
  • CULTURE - Preserves the unique culture of each facility
  • CULTURE – Adds a new culture of cohesion for physicians

Under this proposed structure, wellness and peer review will remain local. Credentialing will become centralized under one committee. We will preserve the local MECs as operating committees and create a central MEC.

Please reach out to your local chief medical officer or medical staff presidents with any questions. More information and detail will be forthcoming in each month’s Pulse.

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