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Premier Pulse     January 2019

Rutledge_HS_350x350By Robin Rutledge, vice president, service line integration, cardiovascular services

Starting in December, the Heart and Vascular Institute has re-introduced Premier Health Heart CT. This updated program, developed under the guidance of cardiologist Mukul Chandra, MD, allows patients to self-refer for coronary artery calcium scoring (CACS) in an effort to uncover early or advanced heart disease, sometimes before symptoms develop. Since its launch, the program has tested more than 160 people, with 20 percent of the results to date being high risk and 15 percent of patients seen to date being new to our system.

Coronary artery calcium scoring enhances the assessment and management of patients at risk of vascular disease (cardiac and stroke) beyond that of traditional calculators, which incorporate risk factors only (ASCVD Plus scoring). The re-launch of Premier Health Heart CT comes at a unique and opportune time, as the American Heart Association 2018 guidelines for lipid management have given CACS a central role for managing patients between the ages of 40 and 75.

Scheduling a Heart CT is simple. Patients can schedule themselves by calling central scheduling at (855) 887-7364(855) 887-7364 to be screened for appropriateness. Four board-certified cardiologists – George Broderick, MD; Mukul Chandra, MD; Aaron Kaibas, DO; and Ali Usmani, MD – will sign orders, and their team will inform patients of their results.

Primary care providers listed in EPIC for the self-referred patient will be notified of the results and recommendations. All patients are instructed to follow up with their PCP regarding their results – and are told that it is their responsibility to initiate this appointment.

Primary care providers can continue to place CACS orders for their patients using the same process as before. In instances where the PCP is placing the order, the cardiologists will not review results or send out result letters.

Premier Health Heart CT is a self-pay test that costs $99, payable at the time of the scan. It’s fast and easy – taking less than 30 minutes – and involves no needles, dyes, exercise, or even changing clothes. Testing is offered at seven locations across Butler, Greene, Miami, Montgomery, and Warren counties.

We have brochures, flyers, and other marketing materials about the program available. Please contact your physician relations manager if you would like any of these materials for use in your office.

Premier Health Insurance Plan members are eligible for 100 Healthy Living wellness incentive points for participation.

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