Improved Outcomes Is Goal of Premier Health

Premier Pulse     July 2017

On June 1, Premier Health launched a new feature in Epic that identifies “risk life” patients through an orange banner that states: Support for Healthy Living – our care advising programs to help patients live their best, healthiest life.

We want to provide some additional education on what qualifies as a risk life patient. Identifying these patients is part of Premier Health's value based services strategy. The goal of value based services is to improve health outcomes while reducing total cost of care through care coordination. Through effective coordination of handoffs during care setting transitions and using supportive resources to engage members for improved adherence to care plans, quality improves and costs go down. This increases value – and contributes to value-based care.

A risk life patient represents a patient for which we have a value contract – making Premier Health responsible for managing the total cost of care associated with the patient. Some examples include patients of our health insurance company, Premier Health Plans, our Next Generation ACO, and Premier Physician Network’s value contracts. As a physician or health care team member touching these patients, you share the responsibility for improving quality outcomes and controlling health care expenditures.

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