Heparin Infusions and Anti-Xa Monitoring

Premier Pulse     January 2021

Robinson-ZakBy Zachary Robinson, Pharm. D, CACP, Anticoagulation Specialist

Premier Health currently utilizes the aPTT for heparin monitoring. The Medical Executive Committees and the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee have approved use of anti-Xa for the monitoring of heparin. Implementation began January 6, 2021.

Note: patients already utilizing aPTT will continue to be monitored with aPTT.

Available education for anti-Xa monitoring:

  • “Exploring Epic: Heparin Infusion” e-learning in HealthStream
  • “Heparin Guide” available on the Inpatient Learning Home
  • Tip sheets available on the Inpatient Learning Home
  • Presentation

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