Healthgrades Call Center Launch

Premier Pulse     May 2020

When patients find us online, in a phone book, our website, a marketing flyer, or through Healthgrades, their calls are connected to Premier Health practices through the CareFinders call center.

As of March 2, patients calling Premier Health through the Healthgrades website have had their calls routed through the Healthgrades call center.

PPN offices still receive patient calls through existing call centers, such as CareFinders and (855) PREMIER (773-6437)(855) PREMIER (773-6437). However, the Healthgrades call center answers and routes the calls that originate from their Healthgrades website – which is a significant percentage of our incoming calls.

The transition to bring the Healthgrades call center online has been fairly seamless for our PPN practices and Medical Care Ratios (MCR), with the only difference being the Healthgrades call center gathers more patient demographics from the patient (name, date of birth, address, phone, and email address). The MCR should collect patient demographic information from the Healthgrades call center representative, so the patient does not have to repeat it when the call is transferred.

The only other small difference is when a Healthgrades call adviser contacts a practice, he or she introduces themselves as being from Healthgrades, calling on behalf of Premier Health.

This change will improve the quality of service to our patients by increasing efficiencies with our growing call volume while decreasing costs.

Please email any questions regarding this change to Niki Miller on the Premier Health marketing team, at

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