Fidelity Health Care GetWell Loop Program Has Expanded

Premier Pulse     May 2024

GetWell Loop is a digital technology created by the GetWell Network to improve health care experiences for patients, families, and clinicians. Qualifying patients are invited to participate in the program via a text message to activate the GetWell Loop platform. Patients can choose to opt in or opt-out. Once they activate the platform, they are asked to answer questions daily for five to seven days. Patients with cardiac conditions are asked to answer questions for 30 days. Some answers require follow-up and a Get Well Loop nurse contacts the patient through the GetWell Loop platform to determine how Fidelity can assist. As a part of the survey, patients are asked about current symptoms, ability to get appointments, ability to afford medications, medication side effects, and more.  The platform also has general education material for the patient to review.  The patient can message the GetWell Loop nurse for needs, concerns, and assistance via the platform. Fidelity provides the GetWell Loop nursing service for emergency room and general discharge patients and has recently expanded to include cardiac patients. If you have questions about the GetWell Loop program, contact Eva Columbus, manager of care management, at

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