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Premier Pulse     December 2020

By Marc Belcastro, DO, system chief medical officer, Premier Health

In her book, “Grit,” Angela Duckworth states, “Passion is the consistency of goals held over long periods of time. It is NOT intensity or enthusiasm held for a brief moment. It is endurance.” General Dwight D. Eisenhower said before D-Day, “This operation is planned as a victory, and that’s the way it’s going to be. We’re going down there, and we’re throwing everything we have into it, and we’re going to make it a success.”

As 2020 ends, we find ourselves in a battle that is intense and prolonged. Across our system, physicians, APPs, nurses and their managers, respiratory therapists, lab technicians, EVS staff, and so many others find themselves facing a once-in-a-lifetime battle for our patients and community. The peak potentially is still ahead of us, and the fatigue and risks are so very real. The commitment, courage, and endurance are evident as these teams and their families give everything they have.

There is no playbook for this, and simply saying “we can power through this” is not adequate or even effective. So how do we successfully get from here to a post-COVID world? First of all, we seek opportunities to support one another in small, simple ways. We can say “thank you” with more frequency. A culture of gratitude is powerful. We can also find one small way we can assist those on the frontline. Finally, whatever places we find strength during normal times can be a continued source for us during life challenges, whether that be our faith, our family and friends, or other activities.

During this marathon pandemic, I am personally facing a battle with cancer that has moved me to find that deep place of strength to endure each day. My team has provided incredible support day after day, whether it be a text, an email, or taking over my workload. Others continually express gratitude for any work I am able to offer. Finally, my faith has been a cornerstone that has carried me through many nights and days.

I encourage all of us to throw everything we have into this effort. I may not be able to be with you physically, but I remain with you in prayer and spirit.

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