EPIC Lab (Beaker) Scheduled for Go-Live April 10

Premier Pulse     March 2021

On April 10 at 1 a.m., EPIC Beaker will be deployed at Miami Valley Hospital, Miami Valley Hospital South, Miami Valley Hospital Austin Emergency Center, and Miami Valley Hospital Jamestown Emergency Center. This deployment will complete the conversion to EPIC Beaker, thus achieving our strategy for continuity across all Premier Health hospital labs.


Improved access to approximately 50 percent more laboratory tests – The increase in test options with a consolidated test compendium reflects tests available at all Premier facilities performed within the Beaker labs, CompuNet’s core lab, and external reference labs.

Consistent flow of laboratory orders – Lab orders placed at MVHN, MVHS, MVHJ, or MVHA will consistently flow to Beaker labs and be valid orders at MVH on patients who transfer to MVH (or vice versa).

Convenient electronic test “Add On” process – Providers no longer need to call the lab to request an add-on test. Beaker will suggest existing specimens to providers to save patient draws. If an add-on is requested, the lab will have the ability to judge if a specimen is still viable and, if not, send for a new collection without the need for provider intervention. The EPIC Beaker transition will also introduce a standardized lab formulary to ensure optimal lab test utilization across all Beaker sites.

Electronic pathology orders – Pathology orders placed at MVH will electronically flow through Beaker to the CoPath Pathology system, eliminating the need for paper requisitions or printed EPIC paper orders.

Conservation of patient’s blood – Beaker combines as many tests as possible into a single container, including tests requested as add-ons.

Positive Patient ID compliance reporting – Beaker will save scan overrides if Positive Patient ID workflows are not followed. Beaker can track overrides for investigation and reporting.

How is this change going to affect me?

The look of some lab orders may change and required fields may be different.

Duplicate orders within eight hours will be automatically deleted. If the provider requires another of the same test within eight hours, the order will need to be placed as Timed with a specific time or STAT & Now.

Pathology orders will be entered into EPIC. Specimens sent to the lab during a procedure will be entered as verbal orders, and the provider will be required to cosign the verbal orders.

Any current, saved lab order Favorites and any User Order Sets will need to be deleted and re‑created.

For additional information, The Beaker Guide for Medical Staff is located on the EPIC Provider Learning homepage. Prior to go-live, if you have questions or would like to see orders in a practice environment, please contact one of the inpatient medical staff trainers, Robin Coale or Beth Boudroua.

After Beaker is implemented, Coale and Boudroua will be available to assist you with re-saving your Favorites or User Order Sets. The trainers can be contacted through the Customer Support Desk at (937) 208-2737(937) 208-2737.

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