Emergency Room Virtual Care Now Offered at Miami Valley Hospital North

Premier Pulse     May 2019

Premier Health is pleased to announce the implementation of a new virtual care option for patients with low-acuity needs that present to the Emergency Department at Miami Valley Hospital North. Patients that present with an appropriate chief complaint that fits within our virtual visit triage criteria will be given an option to see a remote certified, experienced, Premier Health emergency provider. 

Virtual Care is a private and secure videoconferencing system that allows patients to see and speak with a provider and interact in real time. The virtual provider has access to the patient’s Epic medical record and can order prescriptions as necessary. If, for any reason during a virtual visit, the virtual provider determines an in-person examination needs to take place, they will transition to an on-site provider.

Premier Health’s Emergency and Trauma Institute is committed to providing the same high-quality level of care as with any emergency room visit. This new care delivery option allows us to expedite treatment for patients with low-acuity needs. We will continue to provide the same visit documentation and recommend that the patent seek follow-up care with a primary care physician.  

For more information about the program, please contact Alex Pohlman, director of telehealth, at (937) 499-5315(937) 499-5315 or by email.

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