Elevating Respiratory Services at Fidelity Health Care

Premier Pulse     December 2023

By Joni Donoher, senior manager of customer service, Fidelity Health Care; and Melissa Kerr,  respiratory therapist manager, Fidelity Health Care

Fidelity Health Care takes the lead as the only home care agency in our region with dedicated respiratory therapists. This comprehensive service offering is designed to significantly enhance the quality of care for respiratory patients. In 2014, Fidelity’s clinical respiratory services became the first Joint Commission Accredited program, and we continue to set the bar high to this day. 

Fidelity does not just supply home respiratory equipment; we take it a step further by providing education and support directly to patients in the comfort of their homes. With a commitment to serving more than 1,500 oxygen and 4,000 CPAP/Bi-level patients, Fidelity offers a range of equipment, including nebulizers, concentrators, portable oxygen options, suction devices, masks, tubing, and headgear.

Respiratory therapists at Fidelity play a critical role in supporting home health patients and sleep labs. They are not just fitting and educating new sleep apnea patients; they are working collaboratively with home health nurses and providers to tailor personalized care plans for conditions such as asthma, COPD, CHF, COVID and pneumonia. They can help patients establish goals, understand their triggers, and provide them with the tools to manage their symptoms.  This ensures that patients are not only well-informed but also supported throughout their entire home care journey.

These specialized services bring essential medical support right to the patient’s doorstep, allowing individuals to manage their respiratory health effectively and confidently at home. The Fidelity respiratory therapy team offers monthly in-person CPAP support group meetings and is currently looking to offer virtual meetings to expand their community reach.

For more information on all of Fidelity’s respiratory services, please reach out to Melissa Kerr, respiratory services manager, at makerr@premierhealth.com

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