Elevating Neurological Care at Miami Valley Hospital

Premier Pulse     September 2023

Merritt_350x350By Jason Merritt, vice president, Premier Physician Network and Neuroscience Service Line

The strength of the Premier Health neuroscience service line lies in the full breadth of services that it delivers to the communities we serve. These services include ambulatory, inpatient and telehealth based programs. Miami Valley Hospital is the base for the complex care required for Neurosurgery, Neuro-Intervention, Neuro-Trauma and Epilepsy Surgery. One core service that allows these programs to function at a high level is the Neuro-Critical Care (NCC) team. According to Bryan Ludwig, MD, chair of Premier Health neuroscience service line, “much of what we see in the high acuity neuroscience work would not be possible without the expertise of our NCC partners.” With a relentless commitment to excellence, our NCC service ensures that patients with complex neurological illnesses receive the highest level of care, supported by a team of exceptional health care professionals. 

The foundation of the NCC team is the nurses who staff the neuro-intensive care unit at Miami Valley Hospital. Their proficiency, dedication, and unwavering focus on patient well-being drive our programs' success. These skilled nurses work collaboratively with our expert nurse practitioner team, who provide steadfast bedside care 24/7. This constant presence guarantees that patients are under the vigilant watch of knowledgeable practitioners, leading to improved outcomes and enhanced patient experiences. 

Gnan Thakore, MD, serves as the director of the NCC team and leads a dedicated group of providers. With a patient-centered philosophy, our physicians and APPs work diligently to create personalized treatment plans that prioritize each individual's well-being and quality of life. This commitment extends beyond medical intervention; our team becomes a pillar of support for both patients and their families, fostering a sense of trust and confidence in our care.

The NCC team also intends to train the next generation of NCC providers. The Neurocritical Care Fellowship Program was approved and will begin to train providers in 2024. This innovative initiative marks a significant stride in combining research with clinical practice. Aspiring neurocritical care specialists will have the opportunity to engage in cutting-edge research, contributing to the advancement of neurological sciences. This fusion of research and clinical expertise will fortify our team's proficiency, enabling us to provide even more effective care to patients with neurological conditions. For more information about the Neurocritical Care Fellowship Program, email Jason Merritt at JEMerritt@PremierHealth.com

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