CompuNet Updates: November 2023

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Tumor Markers Method Conversion: Re-Baseline Period Ended November 10, 2023

In preparation for the upcoming chemistry instrumentation and methodology change for tumor marker testing on November 11, 2023, CompuNet began its re-baseline period on September 11, 2023. It is strongly recommended that clinicians re-establish baseline tumor marker levels on the new method for AFP, CEA, CA 125, CA 15-3, and CA 19-9 during this time, as values from different assay methods and instruments are not interchangeable. For any testing ordered during this re-baseline period, the laboratory will automatically perform and report results from the current and new platforms to help clinicians evaluate the differences between the methods. The re-baseline will be at no additional charge to the patient. As a final reminder, this ends on November 10, 2023. After the re-baseline period, you will only receive the new method result.

DocTV Enhances Patient Experience With On-Demand Medical Education

To provide comprehensive health care services, CompuNet recently launched its on-demand patient education video platform, DocTV, in the majority of our Patient Service Centers (PSCs). These installations aim to improve patient engagement by offering valuable information ranging from medical procedures and services to practical tips for a healthy lifestyle, with plans to fully implement the program across all PSC locations by the end of November. This initiative is set to improve the patient experience from check-in to consultation.

2023 Client Satisfaction Survey – Extended Deadline

At CompuNet, your satisfaction has always been at the heart of everything we do. To assist us in our ongoing commitment to quality and improvement, we kindly request your participation in our 2023 Client Satisfaction Survey to share your perspectives, thoughts, and ideas, empowering us to further enhance our services. The data we receive from this survey is vital to our College of American Pathologists accreditation. Please take a moment to complete the survey now.

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