CompuNet Offers Flu Vaccine in Select Patient Service Centers

Premier Pulse     September 2022

CompuNet has begun offering the flu vaccine to those ages 12 and older at the same patient service centers currently offering COVID-19 vaccines.

CompuNet will offer two flu vaccines based on the patient’s age. Those who are under 65 years of age will receive a regular dose, while those who are ages 65 or older have the option to receive the high-dose flu vaccine. According to the CDC, people 65 years and older are at higher risk of serious flu complications than young, healthy adults.

CompuNet patient service centers ask that appointments be scheduled for both the flu and COVID vaccine. Appointments can be scheduled online at

As a reminder, if a patient has had one COVID vaccine and is planning to receive their second dose or a booster, they will need to bring their COVID vaccine card to the appointment. 

Patients may opt to receive both the COVID and flu vaccines simultaneously as the CDC has deemed it safe to administer both vaccines together (  It is also safe to mix or match the Pfizer or Moderna COVID booster vaccines; however, a patient’s primary COVID vaccine first or second dose series should be from the same manufacturer (Pfizer, Moderna, or J&J).

For Premier Health employees: CompuNet patient service centers are not the locations holding Premier Health employee vaccine clinics which begin this month. As a convenience, it is recommended that employees schedule their flu vaccine through one of the employee clinics rather than using a CompuNet location. The CompuNet locations will require insurance cards to be provided during the visit.

Flu and COVID Vaccine Locations

Appointments are recommended; however, vaccine requests may be honored during lab work visits if slots are available.

  • CENTERVILLE: Miami Valley Hospital South CompuNet Patient Service Center, 2350 Miami Valley Drive
  • DAYTON: Miami Valley Hospital, One Wyoming, Berry Building CompuNet Patient Service Center
  • ENGLEWOOD/DAYTON: Miami Valley Hospital North, 9000 N. Main St., CompuNet Patient Service Center, Suite 303
  • MIDDLETOWN: Atrium Medical Center, One Medical Center Drive, CompuNet Patient Service Center (first floor)
  • TROY: Upper Valley Medical Center, 3130 N. County Road 25A, CompuNet Patient Service Center (first floor) 

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