CompuNet Launches In-House Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

Premier Pulse     August 2021

Recently, CompuNet Clinical Laboratories began offering a comprehensive prescription drug monitoring program as another option to urine drug testing. Prescription drug monitoring tests, previously sent to Quest Diagnostics, are now available through CompuNet’s expanded toxicology department.

CompuNet’s prescription drug monitoring program will offer improved turnaround times for test results since both screening and confirmations will be performed in-house at the Sandridge core lab. The program offers an ala carte menu of individual tests for screens, screens with reflex to confirmation, and confirmations. Additionally, CompuNet offers four prescription drug monitoring screen-only panels and five screen with confirmation panels.

The Premier Health Prescription Drug Screen panel will continue to be available in EPIC. The Premier Health panel tests for 12 drugs and includes confirmatory testing and specimen validity testing. Drugs tested include: amphetamines, barbiturates, fentanyl, benzodiazepines, cocaine metabolite, marijuana metabolite, methadone and metabolite (EDDP), opiates, oxycodone, heroin metabolites, and MDMA/MDA.

If your practice utilizes point-of-care testing off a drug screen cup, CompuNet can provide confirmations for drugs tested. Confirmation codes are also available within EPIC.

For information about the new test options and how to order, please contact your CompuNet account representative. CompuNet’s Toxicology Account Executive, Pam Moore, is also available for information and can be reached at or (937) 903-4865(937) 903-4865 (mobile).

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