CompuNet Introduces New Coagulation Testing for Inpatient Population

Premier Pulse     November 2021


As of October 12, 2021, Premier Health hospitals can now perform testing for the direct oral anticoagulant drugs’ (DOAC) levels of Apixaban (Eliquis) and Rivaroxaban (Xarelto) for the inpatient population. Both direct oral anticoagulant drugs have a strong effect directly on Factor XA in the coagulation cascade. They are often used for cardiac and stroke disease indications. Monitoring the presence or absence of these drugs becomes urgent in trauma or surgical situations. In conjunction with Premier Health pharmacy, CompuNet has created a DOAC Reversal order set in EPIC. In this orderset, the test may be ordered to see if the drug is present or absent and to help determine if reversal agents are needed. This coagulation test is a chromogenic assay; therefore, possible interference can be a vivid plasma color. In addition, other direct oral anticoagulant drugs as well as unfractionated and low molecular weight heparin can interfere with this test.  

For any questions, please contact Catherine Hoesl MT(ASCP), system technical director for hematology and coagulation, at

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