Communication: Let’s Make The Most Of It!

Premier Pulse     September 2022

1326106436By Percy Mitchell, MD, medical staff president, Atrium Medical Center

As evidenced by the continued need for masks in the hospital and some of our offices, IT is not yet over. Yes, we are emerging from the greatest medical nightmare in a century, but we are now facing tremendous challenges in its wake. A limited number of nursing staff impacts productivity considerably. This, as you know, is a national problem. Many of those working with us are both young and inexperienced. This, by necessity, requires that we double down on improved communication amongst ourselves and staff members. It is imperative that we speak directly with one another and not through the nursing staff. This is mandated by policy.

Positive action is in the works designed to involve the medical staff more directly in the decision-making process within the system, as seen with the appointment of Keith Bricking, MD, as chief clinical officer. It is comforting to know that Dr. Bricking will lead our clinical efforts for the entire system. Keith has a wealth of clinical knowledge and intimate knowledge of our southern market and the 787 medical staff members at Atrium.

To date, only one in five medical staff members actively participate in the governance of the staff. Often, that participation occurs only after something invariably falls through the cracks. Please become familiar with the Section Head of your specialty area and reach out to that individual with questions or concerns you may have so the individual can either directly address your issue or bring it to the Medical Staff Operating Council for discussion. More discussion with less acrimony always brings results we all desire.

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