CNSI Offers Outpatient Infusion Therapy for Migraines

Premier Pulse     March 2022

Premier Health’s Clinical Neuroscience Institute (CNSI) features a Headache Center that offers broad treatment options for patients who suffer from a variety of headache symptoms, including migraines, tensiontype, cluster, and post-traumatic headache disorders. Our skilled providers offer treatments such as peripheral nerve blocks, trigger point injections, and Botox therapy, as well as outpatient and inpatient infusion therapy.

Outpatient infusion therapy is a vital option for patients whose symptoms require more intensive care than home treatments or office visits can provide. It can also be a helpful tool to prevent emergency room visits. Additionally, preventive infusions are available for certain types of headache diagnosis.

Your patient might be a candidate for outpatient infusion therapy if he or she suffers from:

  • Migraine headaches that last more than 72 hours and do not respond to conventional medications
  • Acute migraine attacks that last less than 72 hours but are debilitating and do not respond to conventional home medications
  • Headaches due to overuse of medications that can be safely discontinued in an outpatient setting

CNSI also offers inpatient evaluation and infusion therapy options. Candidates for inpatient treatment include patients who need more intensive therapy than can be provided in the outpatient infusion center, as well as those suffering from:

  • Disabling chronic migraines
  • Headaches due to overuse of medications that may not be safely discontinued in an outpatient setting
  • Other types of acute or chronic headaches that need further diagnostic evaluation and treatment

Our experienced specialists are highly trained in headache treatment and will map a care plan to fit your patient’s individual needs. In addition to the providers below, Saad H. Kanaan, MD, will join the Clinical Neuroscience Institute’s Headache Center at the end of April.


Richard J. Kim, MD

1508203209Mark N. Youssef, MD

Marie Chambers, CNP

It’s Easy To Refer a Patient for Evaluation and Treatment

Premier Epic users: Search location/department “Clinical Neuroscience Institute”

Non-Premier Epic users: Call (937) 208-4200(937) 208-4200 or use the CNSI referral sheet

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