Clinical Spotlight: Elizabeth Swartzwelder-Cozad, MD

Premier Pulse     February 2023

Dr. Elizabeth Swartzwelder-Cozad, MD

What is your clinical specialty? 

Family Medicine 

Where did you go to school?  

Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine 

What brought you to Premier Health?   

The majority of my clinical experience in medical education was with Premier Health and I continued on after residency. 

Why did you choose medicine as a career?   

My dad was in pastoral ministry, and it wasn’t uncommon for me when I was young to be waiting at the hospital or hospice house as he visited someone who was sick or dying. Eventually, I started volunteering for our local hospice, and I think it just left such a deep impression on me by seeing the good that people can do by being in medicine. 

Who are the people who influenced and/or mentored you?   

Dr. Mark Clasen and Dr. John Donnelly, both family medicine trained, influenced my field choice. They showed me an unparalleled devotion to their patients and students, and I can’t be thankful enough for their mentorship during my time in medical school. 

Also, my high school track coach. He drilled so many life lessons into me that I still use them today. 

What is one thing most people don’t know about you? 

I used to think money was grown on money trees. 

Where is your hometown?  

South Point, Ohio, was historically the southernmost point of Ohio along the borders of West Virginia and Kentucky, but due to erosion along the Ohio River, that is no longer the case. 

What, if any, sports team(s) do you cheer for?  

I prefer to play sports instead.

What is the last book you read?   

 “Measure What Matters: How Google, Bono, and the Gates Foundation Rock the World with OKRs” by John Doerr 

What is your favorite song in your playlist?

“Symphony” by Clean Bandit 

What is your favorite food?  

I don’t think I have one.  

What is your favorite hobby?  

Any outdoor activity. 

What is your favorite animal, and why?  

Any baby animal, especially calves and kids (the goat kind).  

Where is your favorite vacation spot, and why?  

Any warm place with good company and good food.  

Describe something (a thing, person, place, experience, etc.) for which you are especially thankful:  

I am thankful for my kids’ infectious smiles. 

Pick a side 

iPhone or Android 


Early bird or night owl?

Early bird 

Beach bum or mountain hiker?   

Depends on the day 

Dress shoes or tennis shoes?  

Tennis shoes 

Paperback or e-reader? 


Coffee or tea?  


Cooking or baking?  


Sweet or salty?  


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