An Introduction to Miami Valley Hospital’s Access and Transfer Center

Premier Pulse     May 2018

The Access and Transfer Center (ATC) is the on-call/transfer center for Miami Valley Hospital. We are the access point for patients coming from referring hospitals, physician offices, and nursing homes. If you need to admit a patient, call us first! We will arrange an accepting provider, if you are not the admitting provider. We will arrange getting the patient on the unit of your choice and provide the MICU (mobile intensive care ambulance)/CareFlight for your most critically ill patients.

All providers, especially those taking calls, should call or come to the ATC; the latter is preferred. Plan on sharing your desired preference on how best to contact you. You will need to share your cell phone number(s) and service carrier, your home phone, or an alternate if desired. A beeper with its carrier service (least desired) can be shared. All numbers are confidential and will not be given to anyone (we absolutely do not share). The ATC is responsible for processing all of Premier Health’s strokes and MVH’s AMI alerts.

You can contact Sophia Gordon, manager of the ATC, to help you get acclimated to the ATC, which is located on the first floor of the main building (Room 1439). Take Zone Elevator B. 

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