2024 MD Anderson Cancer Network Changes

Premier Pulse     January 2024

For more than a decade, MD Anderson Cancer Network®, a program of The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, has collaborated with select hospitals and health systems across the nation and around the world, including Premier Health.

Premier Health’s seven-year collaboration with the MD Anderson Cancer Network®, a program of MD Anderson Cancer Center, will evolve. MD Anderson Cancer Center has set forth a new strategy by creating a single partnership model going forward. Therefore, the current MD Anderson Cancer Network® membership option for hospitals and individual providers across the country will sunset along with the co-branding elements. After careful consideration of MD Anderson's new strategy, we have customized our collaboration to meet the unique needs of our oncology patients.

Effective January 14, 2024, Premier Health will continue to retain the physician peer-to-peer consultations with an MD Anderson cancer specialist for patients; self and on-site assessment review; and access to clinical best practice modules from MD Anderson Cancer Center, a world-renowned leader in cancer care, research, education and prevention. 

View the frequently asked questions about the MD Anderson Cancer Network® changes.

If you have specific questions regarding our new relationship with MD Anderson Cancer Center, please contact:

Amanda Musser, system vice president operations for oncology, at (937) 776-6010(937) 776-6010 ammusser@premierhealth.com.

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