Recent Upper Valley Medical Center DAISY Award Recipients - March 2019

Premier Nursing News     March 2019

Beth Perkins, BSN, RN 

Beth-Perkins_336x336Beth met my wife as she was taken to the emergency department after her heart rate and blood pressure soared dangerously high while waiting for a CT scan at UVMC. My wife was taken care of from the start by this amazing nurse. She worked to calm my wife's anxiety, but she paid total attention to what she had to do for my wife medically. She communicated clearly to the attending physician and the other hospital nurses and staff. All through this, she never left my wife's side. Then, my wife had a major problem with getting a good breath, and she was panicking. Beth held her and gave her support and care. She went with my wife to the ICU, never letting go, holding on to her and comforting her all the time. She held my wife's hand until the time the doctors intubated her. Then, she returned to us – the family – to calm us and give us her support. The day after, Beth came to the ICU to check on my wife and give her a big hug. She stayed and talked a while. Had it not been for Beth, I am not sure my wife would have made it through her medical emergency. Beth is truly an angel, and her care is just what every person needs in their time of trouble. 

Dustina Schroder, BSN, RN, IBCLC 

Dustina-Schroder_336x336When my child was born, he just happened to come into the world six weeks early. That meant he had to stay in the UVMC NICU for almost two weeks. For a new mom, this was traumatizing. The flood of emotions through this time was unbearable. I was dealing with much anxiety after giving birth that took my breath away at moments when I would see him connected to the alarms and all the tubes attached to him. One of the things that truly saved my sanity was seeing Dustina walk into the unit. She had a way of taking care of my son that calmed me. She did such a good job with him. He weighed only 4 pounds, and she cared for him as if he were her own child. She would keep me updated in the middle of the night when I had trouble sleeping. She just seemed like she was meant to be there for him. She got him to eat by himself so well at night. She dressed him in his first preemie outfit. Dustina deserves this award for excelling in all the areas listed for the extraordinary nurse. She is a true angel, and I cannot thank her enough. 

Ben Sehlhorst, RN 

Ben-Sehlhorst_336x336We wanted to join together to nominate Ben Sehlhorst for a DAISY Award. He fits every criteria listed.

Nominated by: Mandy Gammell; Beth Perkins; Paige Combs; Jamie Thomas, PA; Linsay Baily; Lisa Flaute; Kari Smith; Heather Davis.

Ben is a patient advocate, an amazing team player, and a preceptor for new employees, and he is always willing to jump in when help is needed. He is one of the first ones I would pick for my team. He never complains and is kind and very smart.

Ben is such a caring and compassionate nurse. I have never met someone who comes to work for every shift with a positive attitude and a smile on their face. Ben is always willing to help his co-workers, even when he is busy. He always makes time to meet his patients’ needs and answer questions. He is such a positive role model. I have heard many of my co-workers say “I strive to be like Ben.”  Ben is a great preceptor, and I sincerely believe he deserves this award.

Ben is an outstanding nurse. He is so welcoming and always ready to teach. I work beside him as a PCT, and he takes time to teach me all that he knows. He is a very good resource/mentor to have through nursing school. All of his patients love him, and I truly believe that he makes a difference every time he comes to work.

Ben is always the nurse I call if i have a critical patient. He is smart, quick to lend a helping hand, and always there for the best interest of the patient. Just last night, he came over to help with a pediatric patient who was not assigned to him, for the best interest of the patient.

Ben exemplifies what it means to be a nurse. He is caring, compassionate, shows good leadership, and is the living definition of what it means to be a team player. Ben keeps his cool, calm, and collected attitude regardless of what situation arises. He is very deserving of the DAISY Award, as he is an extraordinary nurse. Premier Health is lucky to have such a caring and compassionate nurse.

Ben is always helpful with a smile and a great attitude. He is a nurse that is a team player. He is patient and always willing to help new and old co-workers. He is knowledgeable and always has what’s best for the patient, his co-workers, and the organization in mind.

I’ve had the honor of working with Ben for the past five years. He’s quiet and unassuming and by far one of the best nurses I’ve ever known. He is always calm in the midst of chaos, somehow able to continue in the preceptor/teacher mode even at the busiest of times. He teaches not just new nurses, but seasoned nurses like myself, and he never makes a person feel less for not knowing something. I would trust him with my children’s’ lives with no hesitation. I cannot say enough good things about him – he is truly deserving of this award.

Ben trained me four years ago as an experienced nurse, but I was new to the emergency department. He was fantastic, and because of him I am still in the ED four years later. I can always depend on Ben in emergent situations, or any level of difficulty. He is always pleasant, has a smile, and is hard working.  He is 100 percent reliable, compassionate with ED patients, and clinically very astute. He is the whole package deal and lovable with a fantastic sense of humor. Ben is a one-of-a-kind, professional, team-oriented, super nurse.  

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