Recent Upper Valley Medical Center DAISY Award Recipients - December 2018

Cindy Fair, RN

Cindy-FairMonday, Jan 15th, I was being treated in the Emergency Department for a heart attack. Cindy entered the room, helped to assess the situation using her skills, and acted as a team player. Cindy assisted Mandy Gammell. Cindy’s attention to detail and her great communication skills while working with the doctor to control my pain were exceptional. She contacted CareFlight and called my wife to inform her of the situation. Cindy’s help made a big difference in the outcome of my care. With her help, compassion, persistence, and professionalism, I had a positive experience and am alive to tell about it. CareFlight transported me to Good Samaritan Hospital (closed in July 2018) for a heart cath procedure, which saved my life. I believe Cindy had a large part in making all this happen, and with her help I am alive and well today.

Cynthia Hensley, BSN, RN

Cynthia-hensley-336When you come in and start your day, Cindy is always there with a smile or funny anecdote to brighten the day. She shares this awesome personality of hers not only with staff, but with our patients as well. She is compassionate in her interactions with our patients, who sometimes can be especially challenging. She really cares what happens to them and will spend time with them consoling or supporting them as the case may be. She is happy to share her skills and knowledge with her peers and shares things she learns as she pursues furthering her career in school as well. She is knowledgeable in performing CIWAs, vitals, and treatments as well. She advocates for our patients and tries to make sure both patient and family needs are met. She is not afraid to call the doctor if necessary to get goals met. She is a team player and is always trying to anticipate our needs without having to be asked. She never leaves anyone to struggle and is willing to help out. She cares about her staff members as much as her patients, and is always willing to lend a helping hand. She is in tune with the little things that make a difference with our patients: a warm blanket, medication, or sometimes just talking and being supportive. She tries to make sure they are comfortable. She is very persistent and can often be stubborn in her beliefs. She always tries to do what is best for our patients. As far as attention to detail, meeting the emotional and psychological needs of our patients is a given when working in behavioral health. Even though our patients can often be a challenging population at times, she does not seem to ever lose her patience with them. She has wonderful communication and de-escalation skills. Her professionalism shines through. Despite continuing her education, caring for her son, and helping with her grandson, she always comes in to work with a smile, joke, or funny anecdote to start our day off well. She is truly an exceptional nurse – her patients love her and take her advice to heart. I am very proud to work with this nurse, and Premier Health is lucky to have her.

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