Recent Upper Valley Medical Center DAISY Award Recipients - October 2018

Cheryl Carter, RN

Cheryl is a wealth of knowledge and an excellent resource for her co-workers. She is able to explain procedures to nurses and staff of all levels of expertise without condescension. Staff and doctors feel comfortable and well supported when Cheryl is in the room. 

Not only does Cheryl bring an ease to the operating room, she is able to calm even the most nervous patient with her thoughtful conversation. She is always considerate to the individual needs of each patient and as co-workers, we see Cheryl’s patients relax with each caring word she speaks.

Cheryl is reliable and rarely takes time for herself. She is punctual, selfless, intelligent, and an incredible asset to the surgical staff. We are proud to call her “ours.”

Jenna Larger, RN

Jenna and I worked as a team through a difficult delivery. She continued to encourage the patient and encouraged her to stay positive. Jenna was quick to notice once the patient got discouraged and uncomfortable. It was the patient’s first baby, and Jenna did everything she could to reassure her that she was in good hands! With it being so chaotic at times, it is easy as a PCT to also be discouraged to want to pursue a RN degree in the future. Jenna is also encouraging me to pursue my goals and keep reaching for success. Jenna is always willing to pick up shifts and come in to help when things get crazy.

Lindsey Spearman, RN, BSN

“When I first met Lindsey and saw her smile and her kind voice, I felt so safe. She made me feel that I was going to get through this no matter what. She is determined to have you get better on her watch. I cannot say it was one thing but many natural talents and compassion that she has. She is your nurse, your coach, your cheerleader, and even if she just gives you one of those warm smiles, you just know she has your back. Nothing you can say to her shocks her, and I tried, trust me. Lindsey has been fantastic in working with my family and helping them work out problems that came up. She is a natural healer, and she will always be remembered by myself and my family as a true angel.”

“Lindsey has been wonderful. She is very good with patient care. She has patience and awesome communication. We love Lindsey.”

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