Recent Miami Valley Hospital DAISY Award Recipients: January 2020

Kimberly-McCoy_336x336Kimberly McCoy, RN - Miami Valley Hospital South Joint and Spine 2

Kim is a gem! She was never too busy to check and see if my husband or I needed anything. She showed true compassion and caring for our comfort and how we were doing. She made sure to give me directions and demonstrated a technique to give his blood thinner shot to avoid bruising. Kim never sent someone else in to assist us. She spent as much time with my husband as he needed and never rushed or embarrassed him. Kim was relentless in praising how well he was doing and diligent in making sure he was moving, up in a chair, and drinking water. She communicated everything clearly and in “lay terms” when necessary. I asked a million questions, and she always answered fully and gladly.

At all times, she was professional and courteous; knocking before entering, and saying “you are welcome” or “it is my pleasure.”

The circumstances of being a patient are not always pleasant but often necessary. Kim made it comfortable and safe. We will not hesitate to use Miami Valley Hospital South again and gladly recommend it to others.

Submitted by: A grateful wife

Teresa-Nass_336x336Teresa Naas, BSN, RN, CCNR - HVICU

Teresa was my husband’s nurse in the Coronary ICU when he came out of open-heart surgery. It was my unspoken prayer that he would have an experienced RN who would be able to detect problems and meet his needs. Teresa was that nurse! She was efficient and proactive, and her quiet confidence was a comfort to me. Unbeknownst to her, I am a (now retired) PACU nurse, and our son who was with us is a physician. I immediately sensed her competence and had no problem leaving him in her care. In talking to Teresa, I learned that she had 30 years of experience with heart patients. I could not have asked for more! Her years of experience meant everything to me. I am sure Teresa didn’t feel she was doing anything special that she doesn’t do for every patient. We want her to know how much we appreciated her expertise in caring for my husband. Her skills, professionalism, and knowledge equaled exceptional nursing and made all the difference for us.

Submitted by: A grateful wife

Emily-Ocke_336x336Emily Ocke, BSN, RN - Pulmonary Unit

Emily is an exceptional, compassionate, and extraordinary nurse. I am so glad she was my brother’s nurse. My brother has an intellectual disability and extreme obsessive-compulsive disorder. Emily cared for him with such patience, compassion, and understanding. She made each day she cared for him a good day by happily greeting him and giving him four hugs and four handshakes before she left for the day. As busy as she was, she always found time to answer my questions and alleviate my brother’s fears and concerns. She also helped me find the name of a young resident who was so good to my brother, so I could write something important about him to share with his medical director. Emily works as a team player and sets a wonderful example for the other nurses and patient care technicians (PCTs).  My brother was so fortunate to be in her care!

Submitted by: A grateful family member

Our family member was never sick, so it was such a shock to us all when he was diagnosed with lung cancer. Within two weeks, he was in an unresponsive state. Our family was devastated, anxious, and heartbroken. Emily Ocke was his day nurse. Her compassion truly came from her soul. When entering the room, she always spoke to him in a kind, reassuring voice, telling him who she was and what she was going to do. She immediately recognized his anxiety and respiratory distress. She also picked up on the family’s distress. With compassion and professionalism, she informed us of her plan of care to help him relax and help his respiratory status. She included the family in all decisions. Her communication skills continued throughout the day, reducing everyone’s fear and anxiety level. I have been a nurse at Miami Valley Hospital for 40 years and appreciate what Emily did for our family.

Submitted by: A grateful family member

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