Recent Fidelity Health Care DAISY Award Recipient: August 2019

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Lisa Kinzer, RN

Lisa is always going above and beyond to cover the on-call patients. No matter how long she works through the night, there is always an extensive report waiting for the next nurse scheduled next to see the patient and the supervisor on call. There is never a question what is needed for her patients the next day. Friday night, Lisa was on call. She drove to Middletown to see an elderly gentleman who had a cerebrovascular accident. He was prescribed Lovenox. When she arrived to administer the injection, it was not ready. The physician did not sign the script. Lisa called and got this taken care of with the physician and the pharmacy. She still had many patients to be seen throughout the night at this time. She asked that the patient get the medication picked up and said she would see another patient and be back to administer. Upon arriving, she passed the spouse leaving at that time. After an extended period of time, the spouse did not return. She called the pharmacy, and the spouse had not been there. The patient then told Lisa his wife had dementia. Lisa called the police, who were able to find her several miles in the opposite direction. She had gotten lost. Lisa stayed with the patient for several hours until his spouse was brought home safely, although she had a full night and morning of patients to see. She never ceases to amaze me with the care she provides for her patients, all hours of the day and night. She goes above and beyond to make sure her patients are cared for to the best of her ability, even in situations that are not ideal.

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