Recent Fidelity Health Care DAISY Award Recipient - March 2019

Premier Nursing News     March 2019

Kelly Clark, RN

On a joint visit with a clinician, we saw a patient who was approaching end of life. Kelly spent so much time and demonstrated such compassion, talking with the patient’s wife about all of her options, such as AIM and hospice. The wife was visibly upset, and Kelly was a true support to her. Afterward, Kelly shared with me some things going on in her own personal life. Kelly has a lot of things she is dealing with herself; but when she was with the patient and wife, she put all that aside and truly put her patient first. I have noticed when I have completed visits with Kelly in the past that she always goes above and beyond with her patients. She will go around a patient’s home checking their smoke detectors and seeing if they are working. She consistently will go that extra step for her patients like it is second nature to her. She is a role model for nurses, and Fidelity Health Care is lucky to have her.

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