Recent Fidelity Health Care DAISY Award Recipient - December 2018

Ryan Lewis, RN

I would love to nominate one of my colleagues for the Daisy Award. He and I have been working with a mutual patient for the last several months. The patient is elderly with an extensive number of disease processes and comorbidities. She has many family members but is very much neglected. The home is dirty and in deplorable condition. Clinically, she is probably the most depressed human being that I have ever encountered. After a lot of collaboration, we began to believe her lack of compliance was perhaps a matter of capacity. She lacks insight and judgment. Ryan has worked tirelessly with the CHF clinic and doctors. He has attempted to communicate very plainly the dire circumstances that will result if the patient continues not to take her medications or attend doctor’s appointments. The patient was recently hospitalized, and we were hoping that this might be an opportunity for a psych evaluation. She was determined to lack insight, judgment, and capacity and is being referred for additional neuropsychological testing after she is released. We will ensure she is able to make it to that appointment, as it will be pivotal in determining the outcome in the short and long term. Ryan has demonstrated the utmost compassion for this patient and for her situation and has gone above and beyond to ensure she has the opportunity to live her best possible life. He’s done a tremendous job with her, and I am so proud to get to call him my colleague. It is an honor to work with such amazing clinicians. We work together for lots of patients. This situation is only one of many examples of the outstanding patient care and advocacy he provides for his patients.

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