Preceptorship - Structural Empowerment - May 2019

Premier Nursing News     May 2019

These honorees demonstrate professional development through formal education, certification, membership in professional organizations, and community involvement. They also excel in precepting new employees, externs, interns, residents, students, etc.

This year’s honorees are: 

  • Melanie Bailey, MSN, RN, WCC
  • Shelly Langston, BSN, RN
  • Ben Sehlhorst, RN
  • Sharon Shade, RN
  • Olivia Sirois, BSN, RN

Melanie Bailey, MSN, RN, WCC
Wound/Ostomy Team Supervisor/Clinical Trainer, Fidelity Health Care

Bailey-MelanieSometimes we meet nurses and think, “This nurse is my hero.” Melanie is one of those. She started her career with us as a home health aide and continued her education, completing her RN, BSN, WCC and recently her MSN. She is a role model and works hard every day to support our patients, staff, and our physicians. She is known to always put others before herself, offering help even when her own plate is already overflowing. She has the respect of area wound providers and has moved our wound team and processes forward. Recently this nurse was on her way to a meeting when she noticed a gentleman who was walking down the sidewalk suddenly fall flat on his face in the snow. She watched in her rear-view mirror and noted no one was stopping to help and the man was not getting up, so she turned around, traveled back to the gentleman, and alerted the police/medics to continue to care for him. She was only a few minutes late for her meeting! She is a highly skilled clinician, true patient advocate, dedicated mentor, insightful educator, and sensitive caregiver. We are truly lucky to have her at Fidelity!

Shelly Langston, BSN, RN
Nurse Team Leader, Miami Valley Hospital

Langston-ShellyShelly, a team leader on our floor, is recognized frequently for having smooth shifts. Staff state that she goes out of her way to ensure the shift runs smoothly. She helps to complete admissions and start IVs. She is frequently checking in with each team member to make sure their day is going OK and see what she can do to make it better. She has a lot of experience with oncology patients and is a wealth of knowledge about them. Other nurses come to her with their questions about chemotherapy and all its ramifications. Many physicians will come to her for her opinion about patient care. She knows what is going on with every patient on the floor. Whenever I am working and she is in charge, I feel that I am supported and have an insightful mentor to bounce ideas off of for efficient problem solving. She has taught me a lot in my time on ME5 and I am grateful to have her as a mentor.

Ben Sehlhorst, RN
Clinical Nurse, Upper Valley Medical Center

Selhorst-BenBen is widely held in the highest regard for his professional practice and collaboration across all disciplines. He is devoted to increasing patient safety and experience, while being a mentor to other nurses. His strong clinical experience allows him to address critical patients as well as simple illnesses with compassion and integrity. His ability to remain accessible to colleagues and his willingness to share his knowledge and help others develop to their full potential in advancing their nursing career is what elevates him to a level of excellence. He is a highly skilled, sound critical thinker and collaborator, while always displaying the highest ethical standards. He is a preceptor to nursing students as well as Versant residents. Ben is consistently praised for his patience, knowledge, and compassion with students and residents. A recent Versant resident stated, “I truly believe he makes a difference every time he comes to work. He is quick to lend a helping hand and is always there for the best interests of the patient. Recently he assisted with a very ill pediatric patient who was not assigned to him, but he did what was in the best interest of the patient.”

Sharon Shade, RN
Clinical Nurse, Miami Valley Hospital North

Shade-SharonSharon was my preceptor many years ago, and from the first shift I worked with her, she consistently demonstrated what it meant to be a voice for patients. I consider her a top resource to this day for any issue I may have with a patient, especially her cardiac knowledge. I have seen her stand firm when a patient was voicing concerns of not wanting a treatment because it would impose a financial burden. Without wavering and the utmost respect, Sharon was able to mitigate that the patient’s wishes be upheld and the team came to an agreement to suspend the treatment order at this time. Her courage and ability to advocate for the patient is admirable. I’ve witnessed over the years her knowledge and strength as a nurse in many ways. She is a quiet soul with little to say, but when she speaks it is with much certainty.

Olivia Sirois, BSN, RN
Clinical Nurse, Miami Valley Hospital

Sirois-OliviaLearning nursing skills and critical thinking in school and how to apply them in the real world is a journey. When I was new to nursing, one of our patients was scheduled for a procedure. In the early hours of the day before transport would arrive to move our patient to the OR, the patient became tearful. My preceptor nurse talked to the patient about her concerns, one of which was not having family or friends with her in the room prior to the surgery. This patient stated she would often pray every day as part of her daily routine and holding the patient’s hand, Olivia said a prayer with her which left a lasting impression on me - how powerful the nurse’s presence at the bedside is in easing the patient’s emotions. Putting the patient first is what mattered. Olivia always takes the extra time to talk to our patients and families, explaining procedures and protocols. When I reflect on our time together, I appreciate her constructive feedback as it has contributed to the nurse I am today.

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