Partner in Practice - May 2019

Premier Nursing News     May 2019

The Partner in Practice Award is given to a non-nursing employee who supports and positively impacts nursing care.

This year’s honorees are:

  • Dana Boerger, BS(Ed)
  • Jessica Brammer
  • Kevin Coffee
  • Gretzel King, MD
  • Greg Kooyman, PA
  • Tia Leedy, LSW
  • Kacey Nicholas
  • Erin Pryor, MS, RDN, LD
  • Lori Robinson
  • LaDawn Williams, MA
  • Caylor Wright

Dana Boerger, BS(Ed)
Patient Access Call Center Manager, Premier Health System Support

Boerger-DanaDana has been an excellent resource and support to our department since its inception in 2015. She is always willing to collaborate and provide insight to assist our transition and centralization. Our department’s unique reporting structure presented unforeseen challenges; this manager had provided support time and time again! She brings a unique perspective that helps our team look at our processes in a whole new way. Patient experience and satisfaction are always our goal; however, this manager’s input has helped to shed new light on these topics. Her suggestions are always appreciated. Clinicians often need a pulse check… sometimes we get so focused on our process, that we often need another perspective to broaden our approach. This individual is exceptional at this! We are only one of the many departments benefiting from this manager’s leadership.

Jessica Brammer
Patient Care Technician/Health Unit Coordinator, Atrium Medical Center

Brammer-JessicaJessica is the oil that keeps the Infusion Center running smoothly. There isn’t anything she can’t or won’t do for us. She wears many hats, as she is the unit HUC/scheduler/registrar/ PCT/maintenance worker/social worker/transport assistance/insurance precertification verifier/party planner! Nurses depend on her for her vast knowledge and support to do their jobs, and they couldn’t do theirs without her! It is amazing to watch Jessica manage the front desk, along with answering the phone, scheduling appointments, and answering all of the questions of patients and staff. She collaborates with physicians’ offices and is well respected by their staffs. She is often the liaison between the physician office and infusion center nurse, using her great communication skills and focusing on important details that will help with patient care. She is a team player and we appreciate how she manages to keep the workflow running smoothly.

Kevin Coffee
ER Tech/Health Unit Coordinator, Miami Valley Hospital North

Coffee-KevinKevin is the ultimate team player, as he is always looking for ways to make our department better. He keeps us prepared by singlehandedly assessing the supplies and determining what we need to be fully equipped to respond to hazardous material exposures and mass casualty incidents. Twice a year he teaches the practical application of Hazmat to our staff. Because of his experience as an Ortho tech, he continues to be the “go-to man” for orienting new techs. Kevin even designed a cart to house orthopedic supplies that has been a huge satisfier for the team because it keeps them from having to run back and forth to the stock room for supplies. Daily, Kevin “walks his talk” with patients and peers. Even in his free time, you can find him working extra shifts and serving on Unit Council. He truly cares about our department and the care that we provide our patients.

Gretzel King, MD
Physician, Upper Valley Medical Center

King-GretzelHelpful and dedicated are two words to describe this physician. Dr. King collaborates well with the nursing staff and care managers in discussing discharge plans and concerns. Much time is saved for everyone as Dr. King often calls the case managers directly to discuss plans. This helps expedite the plans so the patient can have the best outcome. The groundwork is covered so the patient can manage their care when they leave the hospital and have a smooth transition to their next level of care at discharge. Dr. King has been helpful in assisting patients to the restroom, helps patients with their meals and always helps the nursing staff if there is ever a need. We are lucky to work with such a great physician.

Greg Kooyman, PA
Physician Assistant, Miami Valley Hospital South

Kooyman-GregoryWe often take being able to perform simple daily tasks for granted, such as taking a shower, wearing our favorite shoes, or walking across the room. Some of our patients are no longer able to perform these tasks because of their chronic wounds. After trying to heal themselves, they come to us skeptical and with little hope. Greg helps provide the hope, support and healing our patients need. He goes the extra mile by collaborating with other providers and making referrals when needed. He will research and investigate until he finds the answers to each patient’s question. He will stay late to call his patient with test results or to check on them. He respectfully engages the patient and their loved ones in each conversation regarding their health and treatment. Greg initiates feedback by inquiring about any questions, roadblocks or challenges the patient, their family or our clinic staff might have. He takes into consideration not only the patient, but also the patient’s home environment, economic circumstances and family support before ordering ongoing treatments or supplies. His expertise, camaraderie and sense of humor are appreciated and make him a true Partner in Practice!

Tia Leedy, LSW
Social Worker, Atrium Medical Center

Leedy-TiaTia is truly a partner in practice. She plays an extremely important role for patients and staff at the Infusion Center. As the center’s social worker, she helps the nurses get prescriptions for patients, assists the patient with financial matters, obtains transportation for a patient to come to their treatment, and manages a very successful drug replacement program. She willingly helps the nursing staff by bringing patients back to their rooms, as well as getting their vital signs and a warm blanket. She is the ultimate team player through her collaboration with physicians, PCTs, and nurses. She has a calm approach and compassion that is evident in all of her interactions. Tia’s ability to ease patients’ minds from worry is unmatched. She takes time to individually address patients and find out if they have any needs outside of their medical care. She is always there to answer with a smile and will go out of her way to meet patient or family member requests.

Kacey Nicholas
Patient Care Technician, Upper Valley Medical Center

Nicholas-KaceyKacey is exceptional at her job. She is a hard worker dedicated to giving the very best care. Kacey gives each patient time, compassion and care. Examples of this are making sure the linens are wrinkle-free, shaving those men who are unable to do so, and shampooing hair for those patients on the ventilator. She sets out to do what she can to help them feel normal. She keeps patient rooms clean and tidy. She consistently and routinely goes above and beyond what is expected, and it is appreciated. She engages the patient’s family while caring for their loved one. She has great time management skills, personal skills and tons of knowledge. Any nurse working with Kacey knows that if she is working, the night will be BETTER!

Erin Pryor, MS, RDN, LD
Registered Dietician, Miami Valley Hospital

Pryor-ErinThis partner in practice is essential to the NICU. Erin attends rounds daily and provides input into each baby’s care and nutrition plan by assessing the individual baby’s needs and including the family’s wishes. Recently, there was a baby in the NICU whose family planned a natural birth without medical assistance. The baby was born prematurely, requiring months of medical care. Erin worked very hard to devise a plan, and continually revise it, to meet the needs of the high-risk preemie. She worked endlessly, researching alternatives and speaking to multiple representatives from companies in search of a plan for this baby and his family. She worked after hours and weekends, and arranged care conferences to discuss ideas and come together as a team to meet the needs of the baby and the family. She went above and beyond in so many ways. This is just one example of the many ways that this person is an amazing team member in the NICU. We could not have such a great team and caring environment without Erin.

Lori Robinson, OTR/L
Occupational Therapist, Fidelity Health Care

Robinson-LoriLori has been in home health care for many years but recently experienced a first. It was a Sunday evening and her work phone rang. It was the wife of one of her patients. The wife said she was not able to wake her husband. The patient was to enter hospice that week, and his wishes were for no heroic measures. The wife did not want to call 911 and did not know what to do. Lori told the wife she was on her way. She arrived and checked for vitals and it was clear that the patient had passed. She confirmed with the wife that he was gone and they should call for an ambulance. She stayed with the wife as first responders arrived and confirmed the death. She spent additional time waiting for the detective, coroner, and funeral home staff to all come and go. She was with the wife as they took the body out of the home. I am glad to work with someone with her compassion and caring, and am thankful that she was assigned to this patient. She was there when she was needed the most.

LaDawn Williams, MA
Lead Medical Assistant, Premier Physician Network

Williams-LaDawnLaDawn works tirelessly to support her team and her patients. She was promoted to lead medical assistant for her amazing ability to prioritize, keep calm in the chaos, support the providers and team, and maintain patient flow in the clinic. She goes beyond the call of duty as demonstrated by her jumping in and performing any task needed, staying late to clean rooms so her exhausted team can go home, and watching all the clinic staff in-baskets all day for urgent messages so that if that staff member is busy, someone sees it and takes care of it. LaDawn is an amazing asset to the team. She demonstrates daily respect and dignity for the providers, patients, and her team.

Caylor Wright
Patient Care Technician, Miami Valley Hospital

Wright-CaylorCaylor is one of the most dedicated, caring individuals with whom I have had the pleasure of working. He is genuine in his care for both patients and co-workers, energetic and pleasant. Patients rave about the great care he provides daily. When he floats, we receive reports from others about his great attitude and work ethic. One writes, “I have worked with Caylor several times and was happy to see that he was our float and assigned to one of my patients!” Caylor consistently has a positive upbeat attitude, answers call lights going directly into the room before the HUC even has time to answer. HUCs comment on his positive attitude and how his patients rarely call out. You will never see him sitting; he is always in patients’ rooms. A PCT came in and volunteered to float to sit so Caylor could stay on the unit per his request for continuity of care. One nurse stated, “I’ve been watching him, and he is really good. I have never seen someone work so hard to take such great care of our patients.” Caylor truly is one of the hardest working, positive people we have and is most deserving of this award.

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