Lifetime Achievement Award - May 2019

Premier Nursing News     May 2019

One nurse who has made significant contributions to the practice of nursing is selected to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award.

This year’s honoree is:

Nancy Brumbaugh, RN, CNOR
Clinical Nurse, Upper Valley Medical Center

Brumbaugh-NancyNancy has been mentoring and precepting at UVMC for 41 years. She is patient and relentless about giving our new hires the best possible orientation to our unit. She has also gone so far as to video conference with staff on the weekends when faced with cases and instrumentation they were unsure about. She is and has always been a positive influence on her peers, her patients and their families, and to the community. She can scrub or circulate any case that is scheduled at UVMC. If it is not enough to be the most well-respected nurse in the OR by the practicing surgeons, Nancy is also the team go-to person for EVERYTHING! She has a “sixth sense” that alerts her to the needs of others and she springs into action before most proficient nurses even realize what might be happening. If you have questions about robotics, ortho, computer systems, inventory tracking, supply ordering or anything in between, you’d be well advised to ask this nurse. She is fondly referred to as “Maw” by several staff members (nearly half of us) who were lucky enough to be trained by her. This nurse always displays professionalism and is often asked by others how she would handle professional and personal issues. I am not alone when I say that I aspire to be like her, both in my professional and personal life. Having an employee who shines in her profession and in the community is a true asset to Premier Health and we are especially lucky to include her as family at UVMC.

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