Lifetime Achievement Award - May 2018

Premier Nursing News     May 2018

One nurse who has made significant contributions to the practice of nursing is selected to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award. 

This year’s honoree is:


Linda Raterman, RN, Advanced Care Clinical Nurse – Retired, Miami Valley Hospital

Linda, recently retired, is among the elite nurses. While many people are known for being kind and generous, Linda goes to the highest level possible in everything she does. She organizes cards and meals to help staff morale. She always shows up when you need her the most. Through her coaching and precepting with her nursing peers, she inspires us to be the best at who we are as nurses. Linda also is the epitome of what the DAISY Award program is all about. She willingly stepped up to coordinate the program, which began in April 2010, and has exceeded all expectations. Linda demonstrates her passion through excellent planning and collaborating with nursing directors to organize the team to review nominations; in coordinating the endorsement of the nurse manager and Human Resources for the DAISY Award winners; and in organizing very touching presentations. She also developed display cabinets to highlight the award to visitors. Linda’s attention to detail results in a flawless DAISY Award recognition program that provides meaning for the nursing team and interdisciplinary partners. She retired after 42 years of bedside nursing but has moved on to a new chapter of her nursing journey – serving as a volunteer to forge the DAISY Award program forward.

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