Joanna Briggs Institute Evidence-Based Practice Resources Now on SharePoint

Nurses now have an exceptional resource for evidence-based practice (EBP), research, performance improvement, and school projects. The Library & Knowledge Services of Premier Health now provides access to the Joanna Briggs Institute Evidence-Based Practice Resources on SharePoint available at:

The Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) is one of the world’s leading sites providing evidence for exceptional patient care. The JBI is an international, not-for-profit research and development extension of the School of Translational Science within the University of Adelaide, South Australia. The goals of the JBI and partners are to support the synthesis, distribution, and right use of evidence to create workable, meaningful and effective practices to improve health outcomes across the world. 

From the opening page on SharePoint, you can access the user guide, training modules, as well as a broad span of subject areas. Check out first the Best Practice Information Sheets under Publication Types.  Subject areas include all areas of nursing with additional access to general medicine, infectious disease, wound care, imaging and health care management. 

With one click, you can access monthly Joanna Briggs Institute EBP reports, which provide the PICO Question for you as well as the most current evidence summary. Imagine having immediate access to systematic reviews, Implementation reports, tools, evidence summaries, research and journals used in 40 countries! Among the journals you can access are AACN Advanced Critical Care, Advanced Emergency Nursing Journal, Cancer Nursing, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Hospital Case Management, Nursing Management, and Journal of Nursing Administration. The JBI is the perfect place to BEGIN a performance improvement or research project, or obtain evidence for policies, procedures and projects.  This site will also be a precious resource for nurse educators.

Take some time and explore the intranet website from Library & Knowledge Services. We have wonderful access to amazing sources of evidence that so many organizations do not have.  Remember, you can also obtain articles, books, take classes on how to search PubMed and CINAHL, and even schedule database training with Library & Knowledge Services. Whatever project you begin, remember to go first to the library website and check out the incredible resources available to you!  

Patricia O’Malley PhD, APRN-CNS             Premier Health Nursing Research

Shirley Sebald-Kinder, MLS, AHIP                      Premier Health Learning Institute Library & Knowledge Services 

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