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Beginning Wednesday, Sept. 18, Premier Health’s patient education system will change from Krames to Healthwise. The current workflow and process for delivering the education will stay the same, but there will be many improvements:

  • Consistent, aligned patient education across the continuum of care
  • Cost-efficient customization
  • Video education available in MyChart and Sonifi; links to videos noted in patient literature and on our website
  • Corresponding print materials for all video education
  • More robust selection of patient instructions
  • More than 3,700 patient instructions from one to three pages in length; 1:1 English and Spanish; instructions on most common diagnoses available in 15 languages
  • Patient instruction sheets feature a link and QR code to access information about health conditions
  • Better search functionality
  • Easy connection to nursing workflow in Epic (coming soon)

Sonifi Changes

A new design for Sonifi, our interactive TV system for patients, began rolling out at Miami Valley Hospital North on Tuesday, Aug. 20, and at Atrium Medical Center on Wednesday, Aug. 21. The changes are following a staggered go-live schedule with Upper Valley Medical Center going live on Aug. 27, Miami Valley Hospital South going live on Aug. 28, and Miami Valley Hospital going live on Aug. 29.

Sonifi will be easier to use. The process for assigning video education and ordering meals will not change, but some content will change:

  • The system will be more patient-friendly with fewer clicks to see and find selections. Submenus have been eliminated, making content easier to find.
  • A new feature, My Dashboard, is specific to each patient and shows a quick snapshot of time-sensitive tasks. Clinical, patient experience, entertainment, and distraction options are prioritized:
    • Action indicators visually notify patients of pending tasks (education, meal ordering)
    • Smart services – items appear and are updated based on the patient’s interaction with the system (resume movie, last-watched channel, etc.)
  • More than 650 videos available to assign to patients
  • New welcome channel branded with date, time, and weather
  • A looping digital signage channel showcases important topics: hand washing, room service, internet access, and more. This channel also is accessible in the “hospital information” section.
  • More genres of music and longer playlists

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