Finding Your Size? Good Luck with That!

“Vanity sizing” has Jenny baffled!

Jumping into a New Workout!

Dr. Jenny is feeling like a kid again!

Video: Getting Hyped for the Trip!

Hiking trails here we come!

Video: See the Transformation!

Sometimes the mirror says more than the numbers!

Video: Want to Keep Yourself Motivated?

Grab a pal and try something new!

Video: Change is Possible!

“If I can do it, anyone can!”

Video: Taking the Fall!

Avoiding injury is a matter of strength and balance (and maybe a touch of gymnastics!)


Finding Our Common Ground

With support, we are all capable of change.

Video: Healthy Meals to Go

Check out Dr. Jenny’s mason jar salad for an easy, healthy meal.

Video: Jenny Versus the Geese!

Bike’s and geese don’t always mix.

Video: Consistency is the Key

Focusing on how far she has come keeps Dr. Jenny going.

Video: Motivation Monday

Whether large or small, your goals keep you focused.

The Trick to Grocery Shopping

The perimeter is where it’s at!