Video: Jenny’s Journey, A Look Back: In The Beginning

Take a look back at how the journey began.

Running Toward a New Goal!

“I have all the hope in the world”

Video: Pep Talk

How do you get off that plateau?

Video: So Now What?

The trip is over. Can Dr. Jenny find the motivation to keep going?

Video: Keep Dreaming Big!

Dr. Jenny’s strategy for staying healthy even after the trip.

Video: Consistency is the Key

Focusing on how far she has come keeps Dr. Jenny going.

Video: Motivation Monday

Whether large or small, your goals keep you focused.

Video: Why Bother Changing Your Lifestyle?

“You can change your life if you are persistent.”

Video: The Stairmaster: My Nemesis

When you feel the burn, you know you’re getting stronger!

Video: Bad Day? Keep Going!

Ever want to skip the gym and just go straight to bed?