Finding Our Common Ground

With support, we are all capable of change.

Video: Healthy Meals to Go

Check out Dr. Jenny’s mason jar salad for an easy, healthy meal.

Video: Jenny Versus the Geese!

Bike’s and geese don’t always mix.

Video: Consistency is the Key

Focusing on how far she has come keeps Dr. Jenny going.

Video: Motivation Monday

Whether large or small, your goals keep you focused.

The Trick to Grocery Shopping

The perimeter is where it’s at!

Be Brave Today and Every Day!

“Whatever it is, do it.”

How I'm Doing It: Summing It Up

Follow Dr. Jenny’s steps to a healthier life!

How I'm Doing It: Keep Exercise Fun!

Do what you love and you’ll keep doing it.

How I'm Doing It: Eating Out

Eating out doesn’t have to mean over eating!

Video: I Did It!

Another milestone crushed!

How I'm Doing It: Variety

“Now is where it really gets fun and challenging!”

Video: It's All About Perspective

Keeping it positive can make all the difference.

How I'm Doing It: What I'm Eating

Dr. Jenny lists some tasty foods you can eat and still lose weight.

Video: I'm No Longer Obese!

She’s not stopping now!