Video: Before and After

The proof is in the pictures!

Video: Oh the Places You'll Go!

Oh what a difference a year (or two) makes!

Video: The View from the Top

All that hard work payed off!

Video: Making a Splash!

Dr. Jenny is “getting to see the good stuff”!

Video: This is What It's All Been For!

What does Dr. Jenny crave more than Combos?

Video: The Hartsock's Hit the Road!

Is Dr. Jenny ready to climb that mountain?

Video: Getting Hyped for the Trip!

Hiking trails here we come!

Video: Mother’s Day Milestone

Better fitness is a walk in the park!

Video: I Climbed a Mountain, Really!

Taking your healthy life to new heights is amazing!

Video: Hiking in Caesar Creek State Park

Hiking a new trail can lead to new adventure (and a lot of mud)!

Video: Hiking? Don't Forget the Water!

Staying hydrated should be a top priority!

Video: Taking a Tumble

Helping to minimize injury to your body and your ego.

Video: Hiking in the Snow

Find a little serenity in the snow.