Recognize #HealthcareHeroes

You can thank and encourage the selfless men and women fighting COVID-19 in our community. Take a moment to recognize the health care heroes who are showing up, saying yes, and demonstrating bravery, patience, and compassion.

Sometimes it’s easy to spot a hero, like our care providers on the front lines of the current health crisis. They have been working around the clock, helping patients in ways that go beyond what they’ve ever been asked to do before. And for that, we are immeasurably grateful.

Sometimes heroes are standing right beside us and we don’t even realize it. Like staff members who work behind the scenes, doing whatever it takes to support the front-line teams so they can focus on the tasks at hand. Or those who have stepped into unfamiliar roles so they can help wherever they’re needed.

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Please join us in shining a light on our health care heroes by sharing your messages of support and encouragement on Facebook or Instagram. Tag messages with #healthcareheroes so that we can recognize and celebrate them. Feel free to include a photo of your heroes if you have one.

Thank you for helping us tell the stories of the real heroes in our corner of the world. Their unwavering heroism and tireless efforts during this unprecedented time inspire us all.

With Heartfelt Gratitude

Thanks From a Grateful Nation