Atrium Medical Center, City of Middletown Division of Fire Honored with Ohio's First Pediatric Save Award for Exceptional Emergency Care

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio [March 4, 2024] – Medical staff from Atrium Medical Center and the City of Middletown Division of Fire are the recipients of Ohio’s first Pediatric Save Award, given by the Ohio Emergency Medical Services for Children (Ohio EMSC) State Partnership Program.

The award, recognizing clinical excellence by EMS responders and Emergency Departments during pediatric emergencies, was presented at the inaugural Ohio EMS for Children Conference on Friday, March 1, in Columbus.

“Every day, these teams are out in our communities on the front line of health care, often navigating complex emergencies with skill and compassion,” said Julie Leonard, MD, MPH, program director for Ohio EMSC and emergency medicine physician at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. “We are excited to be able to celebrate outstanding work every year and to thank emergency response teams for their lifesaving work.”

This year’s recipients from the City of Middletown Division of Fire and Atrium Medical Center provided critical care to twins born prematurely at home and their mother. 

“The successful outcome for all three patients is a testament to the skill, compassion, and collaboration that defines Atrium Medical Center,” said Kevin Harlan, president of Atrium. “This award is not just an award for our dedicated teams; it is a symbol of the trust our community places in Atrium, and we are honored to be acknowledged for our contributions to providing excellent care.”

Both awards highlight the importance of quick action and collaboration between first responders and Emergency Departments to provide excellent patient care.

“The City of Middletown and the Middletown Division of Fire is grateful for this recognition by the Ohio EMSC State Partnership Program,” said Middletown Fire Chief Tom Snively. “The hard work and dedication of our firefighters, medics, and EMS staff is critical and essential to the safety and well-being of our community. We are proud of their work in this event and every event in which they are called upon.”

Honorees include:

City of Middletown:

  • Deputy Chief/Paramedic Brian Wright
  • Fire Lieutenant/Paramedic Steve Riley
  • Firefighter/Paramedic Kevin Bryant
  • Firefighter/Paramedic Joshua Lentz
  • Firefighter/Paramedic A.J. Marchetti
  • Firefighter/Paramedic Jacob Moore
  • Firefighter/EMT Celine Schank

Atrium Medical Center:

  • Debra Bachtel, RN
  • Laura Dickerson, RN
  • Julie Futscher, RCP, RRT
  • Kristin Haussermann, RN
  • Tina Kummerle, MD
  • Amanda Lalich, RN
  • Kelly Miller, RN
  • Tifany Nolan, MD
  • Melida Rodriquez, RN
  • Laral Rosselot, RN
  • Tamisha Samiec, MD
  • Mackenzie Smith, RCP, RRT, RCL
  • Ashley Spurlock, OB Technician
  • Whitney Todd, OB Technician
  • Dana Welch, RCP, RRT, RCL
  • Vicki Young, RCP, RRT
  • Lisa Lamping, NNP, has been honored posthumously

“This recognition highlights the value of the strong relationships Atrium has with our local EMS partners, including the Middletown Division of Fire,” Harlan said. “Our shared dedication with the city of Middletown to providing the highest quality care to our community underscores the importance of such collaborations in the healthcare landscape.”

Submissions for 2024 nominations are open through Jan. 18, 2025. Nominations for a prehospital EMS or emergency department team for the 2024 Ohio EMSC Pediatric Clinical Save Awards can be submitted here.

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