Eyelid Surgery Helps Refresh Appearance, Correct Vision 

Surgery often medical necessity rather than cosmetic correction

DAYTON, Ohio (June 27, 2017) – Eyelid lift surgery can give new life to eyelids that have become droopy and fatigued due to the effects of aging, but the procedure shouldn’t just be considered for its cosmetic benefits, according to one local eye surgeon.

“Eyelid surgery helps improve the appearance of eyelids, be it droopy upper lids or lower lids affected by the puffiness caused by fatty deposits, but it’s most often needed once vision is becoming impaired,” said  Amina Husain, MD,with Premier Eye Surgeons in Oakwood.

According to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, the eyelids are the thinnest, most delicate skin on a body causing it to be one of the first to display the effects of aging. Aging eyelids can affect a person’s appearance in ways beyond looking older – it can alter the emotion that is expressed through the eyes in a way that doesn’t reflect how a person is really feeling inside.

Eyelid surgery is an outpatient surgery that removes a wedge of tissue from the natural crease in a person’s eyelid to help pull the eyelid up. The surgery is intended to be inconspicuous because it heals in the natural eyelid crease and helps give a person a more refreshed look. 

The surgery is most often done due to the effect it can have on a person’s vision. The sagging upper lids gradually droop down over a person’s eyes, making it difficult for them to see properly. Age is the biggest culprit of eyelid issues, both above and below the eyes. The septum, which is the barrier that keeps the fat underneath a person’s eyelid in place becomes lax over time and allows the fat to protrude and bulge out. Likewise, the eyelid skin above the eye loses its elasticity and sags, Dr. Husain said. 

Recovery after eyelid surgery usually lasts up to two weeks during which time patients often experience swelling, edema and redness to their eyelids. The use of prescribed ointment and elevation of the head can help reduce swelling which goes away in about a month for about 80 percent of patients. 

“The remaining 20 percent of patients who do have residual symptoms such as slight swelling is actually only noticeable to a trained eye like myself,” Dr. Husain said.

Dr. Husain suggests the following tips for those considering eyelid surgery:

  • Curtain call – Patients who need eyelid surgery often complain that it feels as if a curtain is coming down over their eyes. This is due to the eyelids sagging down over the sides of the eyes and partially impairing vision.
  • Feeling fatigued – Fatigue can quickly set in at the end of a day for someone with drooping eyelids because they have unknowingly spent most of the day trying to “hike” up their eyelids. Others may also notice that these individuals look tired.
  • Gradual pull of gravity – Drooping eyelids don’t occur overnight. It can take months and years to develop since it is often a result of aging. Seek professional help if you notice any slight change in vision or the way your eyes appear. Ask friends and loved ones if they notice a difference in your appearance.

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