Premier Health Advances Patient-Centered Care During Hospital Stays

Personalized Education Available On-Demand, Lets Inpatients Play More Active Role in Their Care

Dayton, OH (May 31, 2017) – Premier Health is advancing patient-centered care through the recent installation of SONIFI Health, new technology that targets patient comfort and care during a hospital stay.

SONIFI is an interactive patient engagement system that brings educational and entertainment tools right to patients and their families. By integrating SONIFI with existing technology available in inpatient rooms, patients are now able to access educational videos specific to their condition and treatment (including medications and side effects); order meals from their TV; find basic hospital information such as visiting hours; and enjoy on-demand access to movies, relaxation channels, music and spiritual channels.

“Our goal is to improve patient outcomes by encouraging active patient participation in their health care,” said Peggy Mark, chief learning officer, Premier Health. “By using the SONIFI Health system, we are able to help patients understand their role in the care process so they’re not only better prepared for treatment, but they’re also better prepared for recovery and healthy living when they leave the hospital.”

Personalized education is ordered for each patient and available on-demand. The patient care team can then track patient education compliance and later follow up to ensure patient comprehension. This model encourages patients to be engaged in their care and enables them to complete their education at a time that is best for them. When patients are better informed about their condition and play a more active role in their care, research indicates that patients achieve better outcomes and the cost for health care is lower than for those who are not engaged. 

SONIFI also improves the experience of the patient when they are hospitalized. Along with having more control over their education, patients can access on-demand entertainment features that can help distract from the anxiety and discomfort sometimes associated with hospitalization. 

Initial feedback from patients has been positive. Patients and their families shared their satisfaction with the ability to view educational content on their own schedule instead of having to wait for the nurse to provide education. A younger patient was excited that he could watch Star Wars for free during his stay. 

Prior to adopting SONIFI, each Premier Health hospital had its own patient-education processes. The standardization brings all patient education under one umbrella and provides consistent, high-quality information across the health system.

The 212 videos cover a broad range of topics, from safety tips on avoiding trips and falls to handwashing to specific videos on a patient's condition and treatment.

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