Online Medical Records Provide Positive Benefits to Area Seniors and Caregivers

Premier HealthNet Offers Epic and MyChart Service for Improved Accuracy and Access

DAYTON, Ohio (July 30, 2012) – Retirees, senior citizens and primary caregivers are just three of the groups of older Americans living in Southwest Ohio who benefit from Premier HealthNet’s MyChart program, the patient portal for Premier Health Partners’ electronic medical records system, Epic.

MyChart allows patients to easily view their medical information, send messages to their physician, schedule or cancel appointments and request prescription refills all by using a secure login from any computer. 

“One of the greatest benefits MyChart has for patients is easy accessibility to health information when they want it, via online portals,” said Dr. Barry McCorkle of Premier HealthNet. “This is a really great thing for anyone; it does not depend on your age.”

Having online access to medical records gives retired patients more freedom, allowing those who spend summer months in Southwest Ohio and winter months in a warmer climate the ability to have accurate medical information all-year round.  Additionally, Dr. McCorkle says that the MyChart system allows his patients to share medical information with necessary caregivers.

“Often, we have situations where our geriatric population wants their kids to have access to their medical records to help them with their care,” said Dr. McCorkle.  “Sometimes, it’s not even directly the patient, but the family members that can participate or better participate in their parents’ care.”

Most importantly, MyChart provides accurate information and allows patients and their families to be engaged in their medical decisions.

“Medications and understanding how to take them can be a very big challenge. With MyChart you are able to log into the system and see your medicines listed right in front of you with exact directions on how to use them.  It becomes a great thing for patient engagement,” Dr. McCorkle said. “It’s really getting patients to be aware of their medical conditions and their medications as well as helping the patient to be an active participant in their health program.”

MyChart provides a high level of security and privacy for the patient.  Dr. McCorkle notes that, “the most common misconception we hear is, ‘Is it safe?’ and ‘Is it private?’ I always tell my patients yes, it’s kind of like online banking, no can see it except for you.”

Dr. McCorkle confirms that patients of all ages are using the online system. “We need to first be very open-minded about who can be on a computer,” said Dr. McCorkle.  “I’ve been quite surprised because many of my patients, who are of retirement age, are quite computer savvy.”

According to Dr. McCorkle, primary care physicians should play a role in not only advocating the use of MyChart for Premier HealthNet patients, but of overall patient engagement.  “Studies have shown the more that patients are involved in their care, the better their outcomes,” said Dr. McCorkle.  “MyChart is a big part of that because at any moment, patients can log in and see their health information.  The concept of patient engagement helps everyone from patients, to families and even physicians and ultimately provides better outcomes for everybody.”

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