Career Opportunities

We understand that nursing is a constantly-developing field. Nursing Connect knows that successful careers can flourish at Premier Health, so we keep you updated on the opportunities in the network as they become available.

Nurses are an essential part of the comprehensive care and best outcomes that Premier Health is dedicated to providing to its patients. Our nursing team shares our commitment to excellence and to building healthier communities, one patient at a time. We empower our nursing team to participate in nursing practice development, further enhancing professional growth and quality of care.

Profiles and Requirements

Premier Health offers a wide range of nursing opportunities across the network.

Orientation Programs

Premier Health has a focused orientation program for established nurses that builds on experiential knowledge.

Versant New Graduate RN Residency Program

During this one-year residency program, you will refine your skills through standardized and evidence-based training, successfully transition from novice to competence in the clinical environment, and develop professional relationships with coaching and mentoring sessions

Versant Transitional Fellowship Program

Transition from education to practice with the Versant Transitional Fellowship Program at Premier Health. 

Undergraduate Student Placement

Premier Health is committed to providing educational experiences that help prepare the next generation of nurses to be successful in the dynamic field of healthcare. Learn more.

High School Programs

Learn how to participate in the high school programs we support, encouraging young people to pursue health care career.